When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”- Hunter S. Thompson.

Finally, things are going my way. Society has started to look at my favorite pastime a little differently, and now legalization is looking like less and less of a pipe dream (No pun intended, honestly) and more of a reality. As someone who has enjoyed the benefits of cannabis for the majority of my life and also borne witness to the power and potential of cannabusiness, there seemed like nothing more obvious in the world than making an investment in pot stocks. Adding to the allure, I just happen to know the guy from potstockradio.com- what could go wrong? So I called my man Eric Butz and got some advice I was never expecting to hear: “If you wanna just dump that money into pot stocks you might as well roll it up and smoke it.”

How could this be? Shouldn’t Eric be trying to get me to buy in, not run away? This HAS to be the white whale- what could possibly go wrong? Granted, I don’t know a thing about the stock market, but in this case common sense prevails, right? There is soooo much room for growth as states legalize- pot stocks have to grow like to grow like a weed, don’t they? (OK, that time it was intentional). As it turns out, there is no simple answer, no golden ticket or Holy Grail of investing; as high as potstocks could get they could also just end in a pile of ashes (Sorry now I’m just getting carried away, I’ll stop). Eric wasn’t actually trying to drive me away- he was just trying to get me to realize the work involved. He explained that it’s not just as easy as investing in pot stocks out of a belief in cannabis, the stocks are extremely volatile and the only way to make money is to really learn how to play the market. All of my years and years of “research” hasn’t resulted in any “inside information”. Looks like I’ll have to actually do some work.


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