PotStockRadio is an interactive show that helps both investors and companies who are in the legal marijuana or hemp sectors. For investors we offer audio podcasts of CEO’s and players in the MMJ world so you can add an important aspect of due diligence that wasn’t previously available. We give investors the ability to hear tough questions asked about the financial data or the direction of the companies that we believe is far more valuable and informative than just reading a press release. For publicly traded companies who are in the legal marijuana or hemp space we offer a platform to communicate with current and future investors that we believe is far superior to anything that previously existed. Current and potential investors will be able to hear your voice and understand the direction of the company while taking part in an entertaining back and forth conversation with our show’s host. We’re confident that whether you’re an investor or potential guest if you give us a listen you’ll become a fan for life of stock radio…ON WEED!