Ryan Godfrey (@ryanmgodfrey) is an important part of Pot Stock Radio because of his love for knowledge. Especially as it relates to his charting of stocks. Ryan has learned from some of the best penny stock charters out there like Clay Trader, Jarrad Fiorito, Jimmy Smith and former guest of the show Grail @SmartMoney777. He loves to learn as much as he loves to teach. He also runs @potstockradio on Twitter so any charts or posts that come out of there are Ry’s work or thoughts. Besides being a charting wizard he’s also a very talented musician and writes and produces a lot of the music you hear on the show as well as music for other podcasts and brands. He’s also a dedicated family man and a 15 handicap golfer…just in case anyone wants to have Pot Stock Radio represent their next golf outing!