Sunday night at 8:30PM EST Pot Stock Radio will interview Bruce Perlowin CEO of Hemp Inc. who is one on the most known players in the legal marijuana and hemp sector of the OTC. If you follow him you also know he’s a legend in the illegal pot market as well. Bruce Perlowin was nicknamed the “King of Pot” and it’s claimed that over his famed career he smuggled over 300,000 lbs of marijuana into the West Coast. You may remember his role in the hit TV show Marijuana Inc on CNBC where he was on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco explaining how he used boats to smuggle in weed. Perlowin did 9 years in federal prison before getting out to go legit into legal weed. I knew a little about Hemp from following the ticker (although I haven’t bought or sold the stock since February of 2014) but admit I didn’t know a lot about Bruce until I started due diligence for this interview. The first time we spoke it was obvious he had a lot of personality and confidence but after doing my research I realized he also had a prolific past and I truly believe in 100 years when people reflect back on the “Green Rush” he will no doubt be a part of the history books! Tune in Sunday night and listen to what should be the most interesting CEO interview Pot Stock Radio has been a part of. If you have questions for Bruce send them before 2PM EST to [email protected] and I’ll do my best to get them answered on the show.

Eric Butz (Host of PotStockRadio)

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