Eric Butz

Eric started investing in college when he took classes in investment principles and analysis with Professor Barry Abrams before getting involved with penny and pot stocks. He’s been doing sports talk and real estate radio for over 5 years and has always dreamed of talking about money and medicine which if you know him are two of his favorite things. Eric has also had success in business. He’s been involved in mortgages for 20 years and has run 100 Million Dollar annual mortgage operation. He’s also one of the founders of Suicide Fantasy Sports which has one of the only utility patents in the US on fantasy sports. Eric’s passion for radio and money help drive the show and he will continue to direct his focus on becoming the voice of the sector. He’s a family man and in his late 30’s was already a proud grandfather. He believes if you’re going to do something you might as well start early!

Ryan Godfrey

Ryan Godfrey (@ryanmgodfrey) is an important part of Pot Stock Radio because of his love for knowledge. Especially as it relates to his charting of stocks. Ryan has learned from some of the best penny stock charters out there like Clay Trader, Jarrad Fiorito, Jimmy Smith and former guest of the show Grail @SmartMoney777. He loves to learn as much as he loves to teach. He also runs @potstockradio on Twitter so any charts or posts that come out of there are Ry’s work or thoughts. Besides being a charting wizard he’s also a very talented musician and writes and produces a lot of the music you hear on the show as well as music for other podcasts and brands. He’s also a dedicated family man and a 15 handicap golfer…just in case anyone wants to have Pot Stock Radio represent their next golf outing!

Chris Trace

Chris Trace and his investment in Medbox $MDBX is actually the reason that Pot Stock Radio started. It was his giant win that made the other hosts realize that investing in pot stocks could be a successful venture. Chris adds a valued entertainment element to the show regardless of his presence in the studio. Chris works some of the craziest hours imaginable in his real job but puts in as much as he can when he can make it to the show. Chris is also a very talented musician, playing with multiple bands and also creates some of the music you hear on Pot Stock Radio. Chris is a proud parent of two children and in his 40’s can still pass for 25 years old! Chris has an ear for sound that not many people do and helps keep the show sounding as good and clear as possible.

Team Member: Brian Loves Pizza

Although you only hear his name on the show and not his voice @brianluvspizza is a very important part of making Pot Stock Radio run! Brian has helped book some of the best guests the show has had. Brian also helps with promotion of the show and will continue to be a crucial part of the shows growth moving forward. Brian is a US Army vet and also an avid investor. He’s also a marijuana advocate and we hope to someday make Brian a bigger part of the actual show.

Miss Pot Stock Radio

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