This Sunday night at 8:30pm EST on #PotStockRadio @PotStockEric (Eric Butz), @ryanmgodfrey (RyTrader), and @supergravy (Chris Trace) welcome Stephen Shearin President and COO of American Green $ERBB as our first ever live in studio guest. We’ll talk to Stephen about his company’s products. Starting with the world’s first consumer operated marijuana dispensing machine ZaZZZ. We’ll also get a better understanding of Jurassic Grow Systems, which incorporates pure oxygen gas (95% and higher) via the specialized American Green Oxygen concentrator. This gas is then fed to the submersible unit within a reservoir tank, which molecularly pressurizes oxygen and water together, resulting in increased dissolved oxygen levels in water and increases both the yield and the quality of the herbs it helps produce. Another highlight in their portfolio is  Green Universe which is all about hydroponics. Although American Green hopes it’s cash cows will be ZaZZZ and products that help people grow higher quality pot, they aren’t stopping there. They’ve also started American Green Magazine & Clothing, and hope to become the Apple of Weed when it’s all said and done and medical and recreational pot are legal throughout the US. Since this is a stock show we’ll also discuss important stock topics like share structure- probably the most inquired about factor from investors who question the long term success of the company. We’ll get to the bottom of what he thinks can American Green and his team can do to improve PPS, and as always we’ll let our listeners get answers to their questions too. Current and contemplating investors as well as listeners who are just fans of Pot Stock Radio can direct any questions to [email protected] by 4:00pm Sunday and then listen in to see if your question gets answered live on the show! 

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