After working her entire adult life to perfect her craft as a television anchor, Charlo Greene decided to say “Fuck it.” Literally. YouTube videos of her final broadcast spread like wildfire, and she became an international talking point and cult hero overnight. Striking while the iron was hot, she followed that appearance with an interview on HuffPostLive where she smoked a joint and further explained her cause, her company (Alaska Cannabis Club), and her actions. Some people were horrified, some people cheered, but everyone found out about Charlo and the Alaska Cannabis Club.

So is Charlo a hero or a villain? Charlo is a genius with the bravery to risk everything for something she believes in- I would say that makes her more of a superhero or supervillain, depending on which side of the prohibition fence one sits. Placed in a situation where she knew she had to choose between her cause and her career, not only did she choose her cause- she set the world on fire on her way out the door. Granted, she violated journalism ethics, but in doing so she again chose her cause over something that she had worked hard to maintain.

A martyr, however, Charlo is not. In reality, this was as brilliant of a business move as it was an activist action. Now that Marijuana is legal for use in Alaska (Thanks in no small part to Charlo), the Alaska Cannabis Club again is making national news. Since it is illegal to buy or sell marijuana in Alaska until the government regulates and taxes it, and in celebration of the legislative victory, the Cannabis Club gave away weed to its members and patients in Alaska.  Going forward, members and patients will be able to use the club as a place to share their crops, get educated, have fun, and get high. Of course, once selling becomes legal, their business will boom even further. As risky as Charlo’s move appeared on the surface, her plan seems to be coming together nicely.

Unlike the rest of us sheep, Charlo had the conviction to say “Fuck it.” She knew that she couldn’t live a double life, so she set her public image ablaze and rose from the ashes like a phoenix. Some may question her methods, or even her motives, but it’s hard to argue with results. Alaska has legalized marijuana, the Alaska Cannabis Club is thriving, and Charlo is comfortably smoking a blunt; I’d say the juice was worth the squeeze.

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