This week on #PotStockRadio Eric @EbizDizzle Ry @ryanmgodfrey and Trace @supergravy welcome Bill Short COO of Futureworld Corp $FWDG. We’ll discuss all of Futureworld’s subsidiaries including Hemptech, CB Scientific, UR Vape & Nutra Canna. If you’ve been following the Pot Stocks you probably remember $FWDG from the run of 2014. They were one of the companies The Wolfpack followed. They were never one of the “unicorns” but there were a couple of different times this stock ran and if you took profits (as we’ve learned to do now) you would have made a lot of money trading this ticker. Also, when Stephen Shearin was live in studio last week he spoke very highly of Bill Short and Futureworld which as a Shearin fan made me even more excited for the interview. Although I’m not a huge fan of companies that are trying to accomplish too many things at one time a lot of what Futureworld is involved in centers around the technology of pot and how to bring everything together.

This is a show we’ll have @Hemptres of Weedict.com back on to co-host the interview with Bill. Those who know Hemptress appreciate her honesty and seemed to really enjoy her first interview with Donnell from $QASP and we think having girls as part of the fun is AWESOME! After the interview with Bill we’ll bring Leilani Pips back on and get an update on what’s been going on in her world. She’s helped a lot of people who are new to investing understand what she’s learned to help people profit in any market.

Remember, PotStockRadio.com and our podcast Pot Stock Radio are for informational purposes only (and some entertainment too) and are not intended as a recommendation to buy or sell any security. These are not paid interviews and we are truly just a platform for C- Level officers to talk and potential or current investors to listen! We’re also not trying to get anyone to use any substance that is illegal in their state.

If you have any questions for Bill Short of $FWDG, Hemptress or Leilani Pips send them to [email protected] and let me know if you’re ok with having your name announced if your question is selected. During the live show if you have something to say or want RyTrader to chart a specific “Pot Stock” send requests to @PotStockRadio or using #PotStockRadio and enjoy the show!

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